The roadmap will work something like this:

  • Set up SwizMobile example including Flex DataService binding to XML and the use of the Swiz framework.
  • Investigate other frameworks including Spicefactory’s Parsley
  • Set up mySQL on server and create a dbase with 2 tables linked by primary keys
  • Set up phpMyAdmin to provide remote access to mySQL through a brower
  • Set up script in PHP to query the dbase and return a recordset
  • Set up Google Maps to plot points on a world map driven by the recordset returned
  • Set up Apple Licensing to test on iPad and iPhone – this has already been done using these great step-by-step instructions

Its important to spend as much time as needed to fully understand the set up of SwizMobile which is a view based mobile application making it easy to add view/controller classes and build on what is already there. With a basic understanding of IoC, I want to explore it within the data binding world of Flex. My aim is to swap out the service currently calling an XML url to validate understanding around the loosely coupled data/presentation layers that Swiz provides and to build up a tool kit of various data providers with their implementations.

Read more around frameworks…

Ive started looking at the Google maps api to try and plot lat and long points onto a map. This lead me to FusionTables which allows visualisation of a dataset onto a map. My first example of this is here but this isnt real-time. I need to upload the csv file into Google Docs and then visialise it as a map. One step closer but need more work around being able to update a map in realtime…



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